AvNav EFB Featured in the Aviation Consumer Magazine


October Edition of Aviation Consumer Magazine has a very positive review of AvNav EFB. Written by Editor Larry Anglisano it covers almost every aspect of AvNav EFB in great detail.

AvWeb Video introducing AvNav EFB

A two minute Video highlighting some of the features of AvNav EFB

An Interview with Sanjay Kumar, AvNav Founder by Digital Dave and Fast Eddy of EAA Radio

Android's Most Complete EFB. Charts, Plates, Moving Map GPS for Pilots.

Pricing: $74.95/year or $7.95/month includes Geo-referenced Approach Plates, Airport Diagrams, Fuel Prices and FBO Information, Terrain

Brilliant Map Page

Powered by the BA3 Altus mapping engine, AvNav EFB has some of the highest quality and fastest rendering maps on the Android platform. You can view seamless Sectional and IFR Charts in the North Up or Track Up Mode with overlays of Nexrad and METARs.

Geo-referenced Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams

AvNav can display position of your plane on Airport diagrams and Approach plates - either in full-page mode or split-screen mode. Currently over 650 Airports Diagrams and 11000 Approach Plates are geo-referenced. You can also overlay IAPs and Airport Diagram on the map page thus showing terrain, MEtars and Weather over them - simply amazing !

Advanced IFR Flight Planning - DPs/STARs/IAPs in the Flight Plan

AvNav is the only Android App to support all of Victor Airways, DPS, STARs and Instrument approaches in the flight plan. You simply pick a DP, a STAR or an instrument and the App will insert all the waypoints from initial to final fix.




Terrain and Obstacles

AvNav can display terrain and obstancles along the route of flight showing terrain above flying altitude in red. While planning a route you can vary your altitude to find lowest altitude to clear the terrain for the flight.

FAST, Parellel downloads via Amazon AWS

Our charts are hosted on Amazon AWS CloudFront - so they are fastest in the business. You can download multiple charts at the same time and you continue to use the app while the downloads are in progress. AvNav is the only major App on Android to do so.

FBO Information and Fuel Prices

AvNav EFB provides comprehensive information on all of flight planning needs including FBO Information and Fuel prices. Fuel prices are shown overlayed on the map page. Fuel prices are provided by GlobalAIr.com and updated daily.




FAA Flight Plan Filing and Briefing

You can file an FAA Flight Plan and get weather briefing (Route or Area Briefing) from the App itself. AvNav keeps a history of all filings and briefings that you can review anytime. Most information is automatically copied from active flight plan thus reducing any need for typing.

ADS-B Weather and Traffic Plus Moving Map GPS

In the Air, AvNav shows your GPS position on the charts and gets updated information from ADS-B receiver of your choice to display traffic and weather on the map page.

Advanced Flight Planning

For long range flyers, AvNav does winds aloft calculations to show you accurate time in flight and ETA. Using GFS Wind model and aircraft performance model we provide a very accurate estimates of flight time and fuel required. Top of descent (TOD) and Top of climb (TOC) are calculated and shown on the map page. AvNav is the only Android App to do so.



Split Screen  support !